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    Social Media Strategy

    We can create your entire online strategy from scratch, or give it new life

    Are you unsure of who your ideal target audience or customers are? Does social media frustrate, stress or confuse you? We can help you assess your current social media status, and give you a plan to increase your visibility, online engagement, and ultimately the sale of your products and services.


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    Digital Storytelling with Video

    We can create simple, engaging and authentic videos that showcase your offerings

    Do you cringe in front of a camera? Does the thought of doing video give you cold sweats? We will show you how to create REAL stories (not scripted, salesy, spammy or boring stuff) so that your true message shines. From testimonials to explainer videos to webinars, we can help you create content that sings.


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    Branding and Marketing Design

    We can help you make your brand consistent across all your online channels

    Is your brand easily identifiable online? Do you have a standard set of colours, fonts, language? We can help you increase you standardize and streamline your branding through the following:

    • Helping you determine your brand words, style, tone, colours, sentiments and emotional feel
    • Creating a mood board/style board that can be used to keep your online brand consistent
    • Creating templates for your social media banners, posts, documents, sales collaterals and any other marketing materials you require

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    Email Marketing Campaigns

    We can increase your open and click-through rates of your newsletters

    Do you have less than 50% of your newsletters being opened? How about less than 10% of your links being clicked? We can help you increase your open rates and click-through rates in just a month by using the following elements:

    • Create an engaging email series that does more than talk at your customers and clients
    • Use a customized frequency so that your audience gets just the right amount of emails at the right time
    • Work with different forms of media (images, video and audio) to keep your audience engaged
    • Show you how to integrate relevant calls-to-action throughout your emails to keep engagement high

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    See highlights of my videos, programs, and podcasts.

    Media Made Simple Online Programs

    Online Programs - Media Made Simple

    Online Courses dedicated to helping entrepreneurs up their video game - simply and effectively

    This online program series has easy-to-follow instructions that help entrepreneurs and businesses create video products, audio products as well as grow their audience with social media tools and tips.

    Sample Podcast - The MADWomen Podcast with Ali Merlino

    Podcast - Women in Wireless

    Executive Producer, The MADWomen Podcast

    The original series appeared on BlogTalkRadio, and was in need of audio cleanup, musical background and breaks. The remastered series can be found here.


    Additional Credits:

    Creator of The MADWOMEN Podcast - Liz Horowitz

    Audio Editor - Graphics Chain (Company)

    Video Series - TOST TV

    Writer, Co-Producer and On-Screen Talent

    This show was designed and created (never officially aired) to provide Millenial and GenX women with simple healthy living tips (2014).


    Additional Credits:

    Film Crew and Video Editors - Wild City Media

  • What could a 30 minute strategy session do for your business?

    I have worked with businesses of all sizes; advanced and beginner. No matter who you are, I can ALWAYS add value to the work you are currently doing.


    From a 30 minute paid strategy session you will walk away with the following:

    • An assessment of your main social media channels with a full report of what's going well, and what can be improved
    • A list of some key areas for improvement that can help you improve, boost or scale your business
    • Ideas for what upcoming projects you could execute within your business that can improve your online presence and sales 

  • About Tash

    Find out a bit about me, and what my clients say about me and my team

    Tash Jefferies

    Digital and Social Media Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Top-Rated Udemy Instructor, TEDx Speaker, TV Show, Online Show and Podcast creator, editor and host.

    Yes, I am multidisciplinary - which is rare for an online marketer and social media strategist. I also have a degree in Chemistry and Biology.


    Yes, I have spent more than 7 years in management consulting, and five years building a wellness consultancy. This means I know how to be execute flawlessly on any project, while making sure that my team and I are still healthy, vibrant and happy.


    My joy in life comes from now being able to show people how to build an authentic brand - and have fun in the process!

    Meet one of our clients - Jeff Cleary

    Jeff and his team make awesome kid's bikes. Listen to what he says about the work we've done so far.


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