Digital and Social Media Consultant

    As Seen In TEDx, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Rogers Television

    Experience and Professional Background:

    • Over 5 years experience in social media strategy, content creation and development, storytelling, and multimedia production
    • Over 7 years experience in management consulting, project management and corporate business development
    • More than 15 years experience in customer service, customer success management and marketing

    What I'm Seeking:

    • Opportunity that involves the creation of compelling, engaging, funny and witty content (evergreen where possible)
    • Projects that allow for business development and sales growth/market growth opportunities
    • To be part of a dynamic, diverse team who want to take it to the next level  

    Notable Accolades:


    See highlights of my programs, podcasts, videos, and press snippets.

    Tash's Top Rated Detoxing Program on the Udemy Platform

    Online Program - Detox Your Entire Life, Simply

    Creator of one of Udemy's Top Rated Health and Wellness Programs with more than 15,900 students and 180 Ratings

    This program covers the basic holistic principles of health - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It also provides simple, easy tips for managing health and detoxing your life.

    Sample Podcast - The MADWomen Podcast with Ali Merlino

    Podcast - Women in Wireless

    Consultant, Remastering of The MADWomen Podcast

    The original series appeared on BlogTalkRadio, and was in need of audio cleanup, musical background and breaks. The remastered series can be found here.


    Additional Credits:

    Creator of The MADWOMEN Podcast - Liz Horowitz

    Audio Editor - Graphics Chain (Company)

    Video Series - Goin Scotian

    Writer, Co-Producer and On-Screen Talent

    Co-Created with singer, producer and actress Shelley Hamilton, this show was created to showcase the culture and pride of East Coast Canadians. The Goin Scotian Podcast is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2017.


    Additional Credits:

    Video Editor - Andrew Gerhold

    Video Series - TOST TV

    Writer, Co-Producer and On-Screen Talent

    This show was designed and created (never officially aired) to provide Millenial and GenX women with simple healthy living tips (2014).


    Additional Credits:

    Film Crew and Video Editors - Wild City Media

    Video Series - TashJefferies.com

    Writer, Video Editor and On-Screen Talent

    This show was designed and created (never officially aired) to provide Millenial and GenX women with simple healthy living tips (circa 2014).

    Online Program - Detox Your Life

    Writer, Video Editor and On-Screen Talent

    This is the revamped version of Detox Your Entire Life, Simply, with upgraded format from student feedback. Premise of the training program remains the same - simple, easy tips to help people clean up their lifestyle with 3-5 minute video classes.


    Thoughts, opinions and nuggets from my life.

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    Storyteller and Evergreen Content Creator

    Podcast Remastering and Social Media Strategy

    Member of The Executive Women's Initiative (EWI) Team

    June 2016 - Present

    The mission of Women in Wireless is to connect, inspire, and empower female leaders in the mobile and digital space.

    Social Media, Marketing and Business Development


    April 2016 - Present


    Taza is a platform that empowers women in the Middle East, North Africa and emerging markets with a social platform delivering safety, privacy and self-expression.


    Simply, it's an app that's bigger than a messenger and smaller than a social network.


    The goal - protecting women who want to share socially when online, allowing them to specify who gets to see their content.

    Speaking, Panel Participation, and External Feedback

    Advisory Board Member - Faculty of Biology

    Jun 2013 - Present


    Providing advice on the program related to courses, curriculum and other offerings. Participating in program reviews. Providing external feedback as it relates to the science, media and health-related specialities.


    Wellness Coaching, Wellness Training, Social Media Consulting for Organizations

    Wellness Expert, Online Educator and Social Media Consultant

    Oct 2012 - Present


    Helping people and clients worldwide with the following:

    • Conducting on-site wellness and stress management training
    • Creating customized personal branding programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners
    • Creating new online presence, including social media and web collaterals for organizations

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